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About The Founder​


Hi! My name is Gaby, and I'm the founder of Social Sam. I work as a social media manager and brand designer. Being self-employed, I connect with fellow business owners on a daily basis. One thing I often come across is the anxiety of showing up on social media, which many self-employed know they have to do in order to build brand, grow their following and gain new customers. ​Coming up with ideas, creating or finding content & publishing it can be a true frustration, not to mention time consuming. Especially since you have to keep a consistency and SHOW UP in order to grow.

However, most self-employed, freelancers or small-business owners don't have the time or resources to hire a social media manager. I wanted to help everybody that crossed my path and reached out to me for support. And that's how I came up with Social Sam - a social media stock bank where you get ideas, strategy and content!


Forget about the anxiety! Focus on what YOU do best. With Social Antrepreneur, you get engaging ideas, customizable captions, beautiful images, story templates and a calendar with important dates each month. 

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